Ito Na Pala Ang Itsura Ng Ilang Parte Ng Japan Dahil Sa Bagyong Jebi ☔

Typhoon Jebi’s Effects Are Unimaginable. See it Here!

Humans should really learn to care for the environment because once Mother Nature strikes back, it strikes back in the most frightening way unimaginable to even the greatest human mind!

We have no control of what happens here in our planet. While we continuously look for ways to advance, there are incidents where we forget to care and look at the long term effects our advancement can cause to the planet.

There has been a significant change in terms of climate change, and people are now experiencing stronger and unpredictable weather. Typhoons are stronger and droughts are harsher. Polar ice caps are melting at a rapid pace and there’s no salvation. Even the richest and most progressive countries get affected, just take a look at Japan.

For the last 25 years, Japan was able to withstand all of the natural circumstances that came its way. Be it typhoon, flood, or tsunami. Say it and they were able to recuperate in the fastest time possible.

Japanese are being idolized worldwide for being one of the most disciplined race. If you go there, you’ll see clean streets, people falling in line in an orderly fashion, stacks of food that won’t trigger your OCD and minimalist designs. Well, that is if you even are able to get your eyes off cherry trees, sumptuous sushi and seafood, and the beauty of the sun rise there. It’s the Land of The Rising Sun after all!

No matter how beautiful Japan is, it can’t be helped that natural occurrences continue to befall the country. Just this month, Japan was visited by the strongest typhoon to ever have fallen on the country in 25 years… and the results were simply unfathomable. Typhoon Jebi would surely be unforgettable in the Nihongo-speaking country.

Buildings are almost uprooted on the ground, roofs were sent flying into the air, cars are toppled on top of one another, and even electric posts fall to the ground. Japanese people were shocked as they filmed all of these and shared them with the rest of the world through their social media pages.

Japanese officials are doing everything they can to address all of the problems that are caused by the typhoon. We know how easily they can stand on their toes, but there’s no denying that this is another gigantic problem to hurdle for them.
Millions of properties are now gone to waste and we sure do hope that there’s an insurance company thaat will cover because these can surely make any economy downgrade.

Now is the time to stand up for our Japanese brothers and make them feel our love!

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