Bata Nakabingwit ng Limpak Limpak na Pera sa ilog na Bumago Sa Kanilang Buhay!

A young boy who is spending an afternoon with his father is bound to have his life changed after he decides to go fishing on that very day.

While on the boat, the little boy started noticing something under the water.

It was totally bizarre, and it was not a fish either.

Of course, he paid a closer look to whatever he is about to discover. It seems like strips of paper, he thought.

Thinking that it might be fun to get them as well, he told his father that he will catch all the papers he’s been seeing, which his dad agreed without any hesitation.
Once the had a grasp on what it was exactly, he just can not believe his eyes.
They were money bills! A lot of them, actually!

Thinking that it might be from an underground transaction, his dad called the authority right away as he let them recover all the remains in the river.
“Austrian law states when money is found and turned into the authorities, the finder gets to keep five to ten percent of the total amount, assuming the money isn’t linked to illegal dealings.” The Boredom Therapy wrote.
“And this young boy found roughly $115,000! The police weren’t able to link it to any criminal activity, and once the money was brought into the station and completely dried, the boy and his father received their cut: $11,500!” it added.

Where could have been all those money came from?
Suspect the father, it might be from the incident from 2018 where a pest control owner found a bag full of cash on the same river.

The owner of the bag was found but the reason why it ended on that area was not exactly narrated.
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