Every Woman Must Know These Tricks on How to Get Smooth and Perfect Feet

Many people face problems with their feet, such as the formation of nodules and calluses, especially women since they tend to wear inadequate and narrow shoes. Well, in this article we will present you how to solve these problems in no time.
Natural feet
During winter, our feet suffer the most since we wear shoes for hours which are uncomfortable and as a result our feet develop calluses. This is rather painful condition.
The skin forms calluses which actually a natural shield. Usually, the calluses form on areas that have been exposed to the greatest amount of pressure. Thickening of the skin means that the skin is protected from further damage.
Nevertheless, calluses can cause serious problems, especially calluses that become swollen. For instance, they cause a greater pain when touched since they are bigger and more convex.
Luckily, you can prepare the remedy for calluses in the comfort of your home. All you need are the right ingredients.
Apple cider vinegar
ACV is used as a treatment for numerous health conditions, so treating calluses is not an exception. All you have to do is to prepare a mixture with a cup of ACV and some warm water and soak your feet in the solution. this will make all nodules on your feet to soften and then you can remove them with a pumice stone.
Rub gently
Make sure to use rub your heels gently with pumice stone because if you do it aggressively, you will face further complications.
Castor oil
Except of using the mixture of ACV and water, you can also add some castor oil onto the nodules. Make sure to repeat this on a daily basis for at least ten days.
Lemon peel
Lemon peels are also an excellent solution for nodules. You just have to apply a lemon peel onto the nodule, secure it with a bandage and allow It to act during the night. Make sure to repeat this method until the nodule disappears completely.
Powder a couple of aspirins, mix them with a bit of water and ACV in order to prepare a thick paste. Once done, apply the paste onto the affected areas and secure them with a bandage.
In order to treat calluses, you should soak a piece of bread in some white vinegar, apply it onto the callus and secure it with a bandage. Allow it to act throughout the night. Repeat the same method for a few days and the results will amaze you.
Apply vitamin A or vitamin E directly onto the skin
All you have to do is to crack a vitamin pill and apply it directly onto the affected area. Make sure to perform this method every night prior bedtime.
Onion during the night
Pour some ACV in a container, soak an onion slice in it and then place It onto your foot. After that, put on socks and allow it to act throughout the whole night. In the morning, you will be amazed by the results.
Happy feet!
Don’t hesitate and use some of the abovementioned treatments in order to have soft and smooth skin on your feet, and you won’t be ashamed to walk barefoot anymore.

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