Sleep Paralysis: Paano Iiwasan at Paano Magigising Agad! These Are The Things That You Need To Do!

Have you ever had that feeling when you have just fallen asleep but will suddenly wake up because of the feeling that something is above you or something is pulling you? That feeling when you know what is happening everywhere but you just couldn’t move or say anything?

This is a sign that you are suffering from sleep paralysis or a waking nightmare.
The most common type of sleep paralysis is when a person could not move or speak.
How long does a sleep paralysis occur?
– A sleep paralysis may occur within a few seconds up to 2 minutes. It often stops on it’s own or if someone will wake you up by tapping on your shoulders.
How can you prevent it from happening?
1. Reduce stress, move aside from the things that brings stress to your body.
2. Exercise regularly but do not do this before you go to sleep.
3. Make sure that your sleep is enough.
4. If you are suffering from sickness, be sure to take your medicines in time.
5. Be aware of the side effects of the medicines that you are taking.
What should you do when it happens:
1. Don’t fight it. Calm yourself because if you panic you will just make the heavy feeling worse.
2. Move your finger-toes. Most of the time, the affected parts of the body is the chest, stomach and throat. Focus your attention in moving the fingers on your toes.
3. Open your fist to successfully do number 2.
4. Controlled breathing, often times when suffering from sleep paralysis, you tend to forget how to breathe because of your fear. Be calm, inhale then exhale. This will reduce the chest pain.
5. Pray. Praying really does work.
6. Try to cough as hard as you can. Shouting won’t be helpful because you will not be able to speak. Cough until you wake up.
7. Frown as if you are angry with someone. Do this three times until you wake up.
When you wake up, do not sleep again to prevent the sleep paralysis from continuing. Open the lights, wash your face and drink water.

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