Nawawalang Sexy Aktres Noon, Namataang Palaboy Laboy nalang sa Mandaluyong ngayon!

Missing Former Sexy Star Brandy Ayala Now Found Homeless In Mandaluyong

So you still remember Brandy Ayala? She was the sexy star back then who went missing.
Branday Ayala started her showbiz career back in 1980s as part of liquor beauties, the former group of sexy stars managed by late Rey dela Cruz.

And now, Brandy is far from what shew as during the 80s.
According to her nephew, Ralph Estrada, Brandy is now out of her mind due to illegal medicines she has used when she was still an artist.

In 1997, Brandy’s situation got a lit of worse due to her schizophrenia that also became the reason she roams around the city.
While as per her former classmates, they usually see Brandy along the sides of Sm City Manila and SM City San Lazaro.
Brandy asks for food and money from people she crosses to along the busy streets.

But since the ECQ was implemented in March 15, Rapph said that his aunt didn’t come home. She is missing for five months now.
Ralph is worried about Brandy’s situation and thinks that his aunt lost her mind when she wasn’t able to eat enough food and forgot how to go back to their home.
He is hoping to find the former star as there is still an on going pandemic right now.
Last report says that some people noticed Brandy along the roads in Mandaluyong. Sadly, Ralph has not enough money and access to transportation so he couldn’t get Brandy.

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