Milyones pala ang Halaga ng Batong ito Napulot nya sa Dalampasigan na talagang Kinagulat nya

This man from Koh Samui, Thailand, became rich overnight! How did he do it? Boonyos Tala Upara, 44 years old, earns a little living as a bartender. But one night, he made an astounding discovery that changed the course of his life forever. This story made headlines all over the world, and many people came flocking to the beach in the hopes of making the same discovery.
While walking on the beach, he found what appeared to be a large piece of waxy lump. Curious with the ‘rock’s’ appearance, he took it back home. A few months went by and the man had already forgotten about the mysterious rock. One day, when his friends came over, he showed his discovery to them.

Much to his surprise, his friend said that the ‘rock’ is actually an ambergis, a very expensive calcified substance produced by whales. Ambergis is one of the most sought-after substances by perfume makers in the whole world. Luxury brands like Chanel in France uses this to make their fragrance last longer.

Because it is so hard to come by, ambergis comes with a hefty price tag. And the bigger it is, the most expensive it will be. Tala’s discovery weighed an astounding 22 lbs.

According to experts, it is proven that this ambergis may cost as much as $500,000. According to Tala, he has already shown it to his family and friends. He’s also willing to show it to an expert to confirm that it is indeed an ambergis.
But what would he do with the money once he already sold it? According to Tala, with the hefty amount, he will surely never have to work again. He compared it to winning the ‘lottery ticket’ and he’s looking forward to an early retirement.

"The lump is large and golden with a waxy texture like melting candles. But it’s soft when I poke it, not like a candle. I tried burning some of it with a lighter, it changed into oil and then it went hard again. I have never seen anything like this before. This could be like a lucky lottery ticket for me. I want to sell it and retire.”

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